Urth Caffe Organic Coffee & Tea Drinks

Urth Caffe has the best organic coffee and tea drinks I’ve ever had (in the United States that is… I once made my own coffee at a plantation in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro and THAT was the best coffee ever…) Pictured is a vanilla latte with almond milk. If you ever go there, another beverage to try is the African Red Rooibos Tea Latte with almond milk. It’s absolutely delicious.

ImageThey also have wonderful vegetarian and vegan options for meals and desserts (vegan cookies and cakes, salads, soups from scratch including the best vegan chili around, fresh baked bread and fresh baked gluten-free bread, smoothies and more). My go-to is the Urth Salad (no cheese) and their vegan chili with crusty bread to dip into it.

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