Beet. Apple. Carrot. Juice.

I just made this juice, based on one of my favorites that I get when I go to Real Food Daily (and as much as I love Real Food Daily, I think it actually tastes better when I make it myself!) The mixture of one gala apple and one granny smith really gave it a beautiful, sweet taste.


So here’s the breakdown for the benefits of this juice:

Beets: Often considered a superfood for good reason! Beets can help lower your blood pressure, fight inflammation in the body, help mental functioning and can possibly slow down dementia (because they purify and increase blood flow to the brain). Due to the high antioxidant content plus vitamin A and calcium, they can help prevent cell and DNA damage (aka anti-aging) and for the ladies- they contain iron and help boost your energy sooooo beets are great for PMS.

Carrots: These bright orange beauties are full of vitamin A which helps to cleanse the liver and improve your vision. They also help protect the skin from sun damage, slow down aging and repair your skin (if you have wrinkles, acne, dry skin, etc) due to their beta-carotene content. Fun fact: did you know there are over 100 species of carrots?

Apples: Drinking apple juice can help fight Alzheimer’s, protect against Parkinson’s, boost your immune system thanks to their antioxidant content, curb cancer, decrease your risk of diabetes, lower your cholesterol, detoxify your liver and they even help you breath better (studies show that 5 or more apples a week has been linked to better lung function).

Damn, that’s a lot of benefits!

This recipe makes approximately 16 oz of fresh juice

What you’ll need:

  • 2 organic apples (I used one red gala and one green granny smith)
  • 2 organic medium-sized beets (cut in half… which btw is tricky so be careful!)
  • 1 cup organic baby carrots or 2-3 large carrots

Chop chop chop and throw in your juicer!

Tomorrow I’m going to give tips for juicing on a budget (this juice set me back only $2… the same size juice would have cost me $5.99 at a restaurant. And mine was organic!)

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