Vegan Sausage ‘McMuffins’

These are AWESOME. If you once were a fan of sausage breakfast sandwiches (or if you want to know what they taste like OR if you currently love the regular version but want a healthier option) make some of these bad-boys. Even my boyfriend said, and I quote: “these taste just like the real thing…”

What you’ll need:

To make:

You’ll need 2 med-large skillets and a toaster oven (or a toaster… or an oven if you don’t have one ha). Place the english muffins, halved, in the toaster oven and top each one with 1/4 cup daiya cheddar shreds and toast them so the daiya cheeze melts.

From a block of extra-firm tofu, slice off four 1/4 inch slices and put them on a plate. Place a paper towel on top and press any excess water into the paper towel. Flip them over and do it again to the other side.


In a skillet, melt the earth balance buttery spread on medium/high. Place the pressed tofu slices in the skillet and pan fry for 7 minutes, flipping over every minute or so. Once they start to get a little golden color, top with a little salt and pepper and continue to cook and flip them until they’re golden.


While you’re cooking the fried tofu, spray another skillet with nonstick cooking spray and set that cooktop to medium/high. Take two 1/4-cup size chunks of the Gimme Lean vegan sausage and pound them into patties (if you want bigger patties, use a little more). Cook them for approximately 7 minutes, flipping every minute or so.


Remove english muffins from the toaster oven. Place the pan-fried tofu on top of the melted daiya, and place the ‘sausage’ patty on top of that. Make a sandwich and enjoy!



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