Locally Sourced Dinner: Pesto Pasta & Vegetables

I am starting a new little series on the website featuring locally sourced dinner ideas & recipes. I cook dinner for me and my boyfriend as often as I can, choosing to eat on the rooftop of our apartment instead of dining out at a swanky restaurant. It has the best view in town with no wait and it’s much cheaper than the restaurants- plus I know where the food is coming from and how it was handled. When I post the Locally Sourced Dinner menus I’ll also post links to the recipes (existing and new) in case you want to try any of them. Bon Appetit!

IMG_2786 copy

IMG_2789 copy

Tonight’s Menu:

  • Gluten-Free Rotini with Dairy-Free Walnut Pesto  – (with fresh basil from the farmer’s market)
  • Steamed broccoli with soy-free earth balance buttery spread, a little salt & pepper – (broccoli from the farmer’s market)
  • Garlicky  Roasted Asparagus I subbed a little garlic powder for the minced garlic this time – (asparagus from the farmer’s market)
  • A Dinner Salad with organic greens, roma tomatoes, capers, dried dill & a red wine vinaigrette (similar recipe to this one) – (organic greens from the farmer’s market)
  • A bottle of Cupcake Riesling (not locally sourced- I was really craving chilled Riesling. I’m German…)

Tonight was so beautiful here in Southern California. We sat on the rooftop listening to music, eating this awesome dinner and drinking wine from sunset until the sun went down and the moon lit up the sky. I hope you have a great week!

IMG_2781 copy

IMG_2794 copyMy favorite way to dress a dinner salad: simple with tomato, capers or olives, dill & a light dressing.

IMG_2803 copyI’m slightly obsessed with my new blue outdoor plastic wine glasses from Sur La Table. I bought them for our little rooftop dinners (also- they are on sale!)

IMG_2816 copyOur dinner view at sunset with the Pacific Ocean close by.

IMG_2844 copy

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