Coming Soon… Eat Local. Live Simple.

You may notice my website looks completely different and it has a new name. No it is not a re-directing mistake! I’ve decided to re-brand my blog, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.


As I have evolved through my twenties, so has my blog. In my early twenties it was That Cute Little Vegan. But I can’t stay cute and little forever. In my mid twenties I switched it up to Peace Love Green Blog but the title was too long and it didn’t really explain what the blog was all about (vegan cooking, anyone?) When I was 26 I transitioned from Peace Love Green Blog to Purely Plant Based, a website I have adored up until today and the name says it all- plant-based recipes. I’ve decided to change it yet again though, this time at age 28 to Eat Local. Live Simple, which suits me even more than Purely Plant Based did.

Three years ago I packed up my life in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles. My new apartment happened to be only three blocks from one of the best farmer’s markets in the city that is open twice a week… it was love at first sight and over the past three years I’ve learned a lot about the ‘locavore’ lifestyle. So I traded my weekly Trader Joe’s shopping sprees for bi-weekly strolls through the farmer’s market with wicker baskets and to this day, I feel like I’m grocery shopping in a fairy tale.

Eat Local. Live Simple. will still have kick-ass plant-based recipes and my same laid-back writing style, but it will focus on sharing locally-sourced recipes with ingredients plucked from the farmer’s market (Eat Local), along with tips on how to live a simple, more sustainable life (Live Simple). I wanted to create a blog that isn’t targeted to just vegetarians and vegans, but instead is fun to read for everyone, no matter what their dietary choices are. I also wanted to create a blog that shows that living a sustainable life and cooking with locally-sourced ingredients isn’t stressful or hard- it’s fun & easy.

My web address is still but it will be switching to this weekend so if you do bookmark this website, please make sure to bookmark the address when it changes. I will send out another post when the new URL goes live. If you’re on my e-mail list, that will all stay the same.yoga2

I look forward to sharing more recipes that are geared towards locally-sourced recipes & sustainable living tips 🙂



4 thoughts on “Coming Soon… Eat Local. Live Simple.

  1. derekthezenchef

    Nice title! Do you make a point of shopping at farmer’s markets, then? Are there more people doing that these days? I have often thought it would be fun to get some farmland and sell at the market once a week or a couple times a month. Maybe some day I will try that ^.

    1. Kris Post author

      Thank you! Yes I do shop primarily at farmer’s markets and also Whole Foods- I live in California so we have them year-round. Farmer’s markets have gotten a lot more popular in the past few years which is great. I understand not everyone has access to farmer’s markets, but most major grocery stores also sell local produce grown in their home state. I want to teach the importance of cooking with ingredients that are in season instead of always using produce that is shipped half way around the world, which can be unhealthy for both the environment due to shipping distances and the people (ex: eating tropical fruits in the winter isn’t as healthy because they’re grown in warmer climates and have a cooling effect on the body, which is why they’re so wonderful for people closer to the equator/in the summer 🙂 ) That would be amazing to own your own farmland, I hope you are able to do that! Hope you’re having a good day and happy halloween!


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