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Cinnamon La Dolce Raw Almond Milk

AlmondMilk-2This raw almond milk is in.sane. I’ve made it for a few friends now and they all could not stop raving about it! (Not trying to toot my own horn but it’s the truth, you gotta try it). It’s really easy to make too. Drink it on it’s own or add it to your morning coffee, tea or cereal.

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Infused Waters: Winter Edition

IMG_5483 copy

Infused water is one of the best beverages in existence. It’s healthy, no sugar-added & really, really delicious. You can mix and match all sorts of different flavors throughout the year, so this edition is what to use in the winter months so you’re using the freshest ingredients.

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Strawberry-Mint ‘Cool Aid’

Another recipe that is so simple and easy to make, but wanted to post it to share the idea. Strawberries are coming back into season and they’re so flavorful, adding them to your water is another great way to enjoy them! I call this ‘cool aid’ because after the strawberries soak in the water, it becomes a sweet fruit beverage.

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