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Fresh Almond + Cinnamon Latte

Ever make coffee and realize you don’t have any non-dairy milk in your fridge or cupboard AFTER brewing your coffee? That happened to me today, however I did have some raw almonds on hand so I made this up on a whim and it turned out to be a happy accident! An almond-cinnamon latte is what came from the experiment and it was deeee-licious. So if you ever run out of non-dairy milk… before you run off to the store in your PJ’s or robe, check your cupboards for raw almonds, cinnamon and a little cane sugar and make your own instead!

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Vanilla Chia-Nut Granola Cereal

The other day I thought to myself “gluten-free cereals are so expensive!” That and “why are there so many ingredients in this stuff?” I hate not knowing if my food has GMO’s and extra additives because the ingredient list reads like a mini novel. So I made my own cereal this morning and it is really, really good. This granola cereal reminds me of those “vanilla nut cluster crunch” type cereals I used to love when I was little, only this one has less than 10 ingredients, it’s healthier and it has a nice dose of protein and fiber 🙂

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