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Banana Maple Nut Quesadillas

Quesadilla Fest 2014 continues with delicious Banana Maple Nut Quesadillas. These remind me a lot of crepes in a way, only healthier. They’re gluten and soy-free, contain one serving of fruit (thank you banana!), they’re sweet without actually having a ton of sugar (only 1 tsp maple syrup along with the fruit) plus you’ll get a nice little dose of protein and omega-3’s from the walnuts and almond butter. Eat them for breakfast, or split it with someone and add a scoop of vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream for dessert!

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Carrot-Ginger-Lemon-Cucumber juice

This juice doesn’t only taste refreshing, it’s incredible for the skin. Carrots are high in vitamin-A (helps clear up acne and stops dryness) and beta-carrotene (a powerful antioxidant that can repair skin damage). Cucumbers cleanse digestion (fun fact: did you know how you digest food directly impacts your skin?) and has a cooling effect on your skin. Ginger reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system. And lemon juice is just all sorts of wonderful for you: it helps fight blackheads and aging, it’s a relaxing agent if you’re stressed (something I could definitely use at times ha) and it also helps with digestion (remember when I said digestion is directly correlated with skin?)

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