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Sweet Green Smoothie

(Recipe updated Oct 8, 2014: I made this again this morning but swapped the fruit for apples (in season) and frozen pineapple- it was even better!)

This makes a very large, delicious green smoothie (I split it with my boyfriend in two 32-ounce mason jars).

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Superfood Smoothie

This creamy superfood smoothie is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and even has a little protein to boot. Drink 32-ounces as an on-the-go meal or split it with someone for an afternoon snack! Maca, chia seeds, flaxseeds, coconuts, leafy greens, berries and bananas are all considered superfoods. Hopefully this smoothie makes you feel like a super hero 🙂

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Green Cooler Smoothie

Quick story: I have been working so much at the office (day, night, all weekends) that I haven’t cooked one meal for myself in two weeks straight. Instead of my normal healthy meals, I was drinking large almond and soy milk lattes like it was my job and eating meals packed with preservatives, soy, wheat and not enough fruits and veggies. The result?

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