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Blood Orange + Cucumber + Ginger Juice

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Blood oranges & cucumbers are both in season and oh-so-delicious. The blood oranges can be a bit tart, so I added the cucumber to cut down on the tartness in the juice. I also added a little fresh ginger to give it an extra zing (plus ginger is a wonderful anti-inflammatory). All three ingredients are very cleansing for your body.

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Strawberry-Mint ‘Cool Aid’

Another recipe that is so simple and easy to make, but wanted to post it to share the idea. Strawberries are coming back into season and they’re so flavorful, adding them to your water is another great way to enjoy them! I call this ‘cool aid’ because after the strawberries soak in the water, it becomes a sweet fruit beverage.

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Immunity Juice

I call this “immunity juice” because it’s packed with all sorts of good stuff to boost your immunity. To be honest- it’s a little sour due to the grapefruit and lemon combo (but I love grapefruit and lemon), so feel free to sub the grapefruit with 2 peeled oranges to get the same vitamin C punch without the tartness. I chose grapefruit because they were at the Farmer’s Market.

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Carrot-Ginger-Lemon-Cucumber juice

This juice doesn’t only taste refreshing, it’s incredible for the skin. Carrots are high in vitamin-A (helps clear up acne and stops dryness) and beta-carrotene (a powerful antioxidant that can repair skin damage). Cucumbers cleanse digestion (fun fact: did you know how you digest food directly impacts your skin?) and has a cooling effect on your skin. Ginger reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system. And lemon juice is just all sorts of wonderful for you: it helps fight blackheads and aging, it’s a relaxing agent if you’re stressed (something I could definitely use at times ha) and it also helps with digestion (remember when I said digestion is directly correlated with skin?)

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