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Fruit & Mint Salad

This beautiful fruit salad makes a lovely dessert, snack or breakfast side dish. It is light, healthy and refreshing on a hot summer day plus it’s packed with lots of energy-boosting vitamins and minerals to keep you going. All ingredients are fresh at the local farmer’s market now, so enjoy them while they’re in season!

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Farmer’s Market Quinoa & Heirloom Tomato Salad

This dish was so simple and lovely. The hardest part about making it was trying to not eat the ingredients as I put it together! Make it as a lunch for yourself, or serve it as an appetizer with a meal.

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Immunity Juice

I call this “immunity juice” because it’s packed with all sorts of good stuff to boost your immunity. To be honest- it’s a little sour due to the grapefruit and lemon combo (but I love grapefruit and lemon), so feel free to sub the grapefruit with 2 peeled oranges to get the same vitamin C punch without the tartness. I chose grapefruit because they were at the Farmer’s Market.

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