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I am a travel junkie (and where I’ve been so far)


I am a self-proclaimed travel junkie. I grew up wanting to explore the world- my dad traveled a lot for work and I was always curious about where he was going to (Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Bruges, Italy, Germany, etc). Growing up, we went on a few family vacations to Mexico (Cancun, Cozumel & the Mayan Riviera) and I fell in love with all that the various cultures had to offer. Every time I’m exploring a little market in a new culture, my heart fills with joy. Sitting at a cafe enjoying the local food? Just amazing.

Although my goal of leaving the country once a year to explore somewhere new started in 2010 after my trip to Africa, I have been traveling yearly since 2008 so I figured I would add those also.

Side note: Yes I do work full-time & I love my job. This is my idea of work-life balance: work hard, save up and travel. I used to feel guilty taking vacation time, but why? They give it to you for a reason so use it. It’ll make you a better, happier employee 🙂

Side note: Am I rich or do I have a trust fund? Nope. I have a travel fund. I’d rather spend my money on a trip to Tuscany (which I am, this year!) than a hefty bar tab in Los Angeles. Traveling is my idea of fun, and I love love love it.

Yep, I am a travel junkie.

Here are the places I have been so far. I will add photos from some of these in a later post.

2014: Paris, France

2014: Ireland (Road trip from Dublin through several small towns to Galway & the Cliffs Of Moher)

2014: Aruba

2013: Nosara, Costa Rica

2012: Antigua, Guatemala

2011: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

2010: Moshi & Arusha Tanzania, Safari through the Ngorongoro Crater & the Serengeti

2009: Turks & Caicos

2009: Nassau, Bahamas

2008: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

2008: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Years Prior to 2008: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (twice)

Years Prior to 2008: Cozumel,

Years Prior to 2008: Cancun, Mexico

14 Travel Essentials To Keep You Sane & Healthy

I love to travel – I try to leave the country once a year to experience a new culture and see the world (but not too often so I can keep my carbon footprint down 😉 ) Throughout the years, I’ve been all over, from small islands around the Caribbean to Central America, Europe and Africa. Every time I travel somewhere new, I pick up new tips to make my life easier on the next trip and with the holidays coming up, I figured there was no better time to share them in a blog post. So from a self-proclaimed travel junkie- here are my 14 travel essentials that keep me sane and healthy when I’m on the go.

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