I’ve Been Traveling

I haven’t posted much in a few weeks due to traveling first to NYC to work for 10 days and now I’m on vacation in Europe (currently in Ireland visiting small towns across the country for 5 nights and then heading to Paris on Wednesday.) The food on these trips has been so inspiring and I’m constantly jotting down recipe ideas and things I want to write about when I return.

I’m in love with Ireland. Every restaurant menu states that the food is fresh & local plus they have gluten-free and veg options at several of the restaurants. I even ate an entire vegan pizza last night in the town of Galway (oops… It was too good). They don’t use any GMO’s or high fructose corn syrup. It TASTES different. And I love that no major corporations are corrupting the way they eat. It’s awesome.

When I get back to the US I will write more about the food, some restaurant recommendations and travel stories along with photos from my trip (this is the most beautiful country I’ve ever been to, and this is coming from a self-proclaimed travel junkie).

I wanted to write this so readers weren’t thinking “did she quit her blog?” I have lots of recipe ideas I can’t wait to try (and post if they’re delicious!) and some articles I’ve been working on. In the meantime- I hope you have a beautiful week!

Here are a few photos from my trip so far. I’m uploading this post from my iPhone in a small cottage in the village of Kinvara, so 1.) hopefully these upload and 2.) hopefully they don’t look weird on your monitor/device…

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Cliffs of Moher:


Driving through the Irish countryside:

Handstands on 3D street art in Dublin on Grafton Street


4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Traveling

  1. phantomcoast

    I’m visiting Europe soon for the first time and I’m a bit worried about the lack of vegan items on a menu. I never knew that Ireland was good for plant-based foods. Good to know! 🙂

    1. Kris Post author

      Awesome! Where are you going? I had a tough time in a few locations but overall it wasn’t too bad. I packed organic instant oatmeal for some breakfasts (just add hot water!) and made my own baguette sandwiches daily in Paris (there’s a vegan grocery store so I bought vegan sausage and cheeses). http://www.happycow.com is a huge help for restaurants. If you go to Ireland or Paris let me know and I can give you some recommendations! 🙂 I have some blog posts I’m working on that’ll be up next week all about traveling. Have a great trip! xoxo


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